15 Fascinating Facts About The Human Eyes

We get most of the information we know via our eyes and seeing is certainly an important sense. Here are a few interesting facts about the human eyes.

1. Eyes start developing just two weeks after a child has been conceived.
2. Our eyes can distinguish between 50,000 shades of grey!
3. There are over 2 million working parts in an eye.
4. Just like fingerprints, retina scans too, are often used for identification. While the fingerprints have 40 unique characteristics, an iris has over 250 unique characteristics!
5. Eyes are one of the most complex organs of the body. In fact, they’re second only to brain.
6. Most of our eyeballs are hidden. Only 1/6th of them are actually exposed.
7. When the retina of your eyes perceive the world -the image is actually upside down. It is your brain that straightens out the image for you.
8. If you stare at a static object for too long, your vision actually fades it out. This is known as ‘Troxler Phenomenon’. Your eye constantly makes small movements to stop this disappearing act from happening. This process is known as ‘Microsaccades’.
Stare at the dot below continuously without blinking for a while and experience the Troxler Phenomenon.

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9. Out of all the muscles, it is the ones that control your eyes that are most active.

10. Every individual with blue eyes shares the same ancestor.
11. A small percentage of women have a certain mutation that causes them to see millions of more colours. Imagine!
12. Regular human eyes would be 576 mega pixels if they were a digital camera.
13. Night vision devices are often green in colour because human eyes can differentiate between more shades of green when compared to any other colour.
14. Underneath all brown eyes, lie blue eyes. In fact, there is a procedure to convert brown eyes permanently to blue eyes.
15. Green is the rarest colour of eyes.

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