10 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Yoga Mat Now

10 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Yoga Mat Now
1. Want to sleep? Start your day with yoga
How many of us have been tossed into bed staring at the mobile phone wondering why not ignore it? The stress and rampant use of mobile phones and laptops in the bedroom forced us to sleep – a state of extreme stress in our lives. Just as you charge your phone every night, charge your body every morning with yoga and watch how you begin to sleep as a child the next night!
2. Yoga lifts your mood
It is a well-established fact that any exercise will lift your mood immediately and adjust the tone of the day. Think about shaving for 15 minutes each morning for yourself. Turn off TV, computers, mobile phones, and adjust internal white noise. Basic yoga with a final meditation attitude will sync with your mind like nothing else.
3. It calms your neck solid and shoulders
Freezing the shoulder is very common nowadays thanks to the long hours we spent looking at laptops. Take a quick break from your work and hold your hands on a mountain sitting to feel your neck and relax your shoulders. Close your eyes and turn your mind off the computer screen for a more tranquil dose!
4. Can do what the gym does for you
You do not need to hit the gym for this engraved object that we all yearn for. The Yogis are living proof of that. Unlike a gym, where calories are burned and deadly weights are lifted, yoga allows you to use your body resistance as a training tool. This type of strength training allows you to increase your muscle mass in a consistent way and strengthen your core strength. No wonder that all these celebrities with their hot bodies show off their favorite yoga positions on Instagram!


5. You can become as flexible as a ballerina
Flexibility is a very important aspect but is frequently overlooked in overall fitness. You need to have your muscles flexible so you can maintain good posture and reduce injuries while exercising or doing basic cardiovascular activities such as running. Frequent muscle cramps are associated with weak flexibility. So if your fitness goal involves improving your flexibility, do not look at yoga!
6. Shed those extra pounds down
Choose yoga as your ally to fight the handles of love and flaccid weapons. Unlike heart training, yoga provides a complete pathway to reduce fat from the body if it is constantly administered. It increases the sensitivity of insulin, so your body learns to see food as fuel and reduces the temptation to store it as fat. Because yoga works on your mind as well, it gives you a sense of discipline which is essential on the long, dreary path of losing weight. You will feel more control over your food choices and begin to accept this new way of life.
7. Improve breathing cycle
We often forget to take a deep breath in our daily lives. Breathing is the main reason for survival but we tend to overlook its importance. This is where yoga is played because the essence of yoga involves balance and control of the breathing cycle. It relaxes you and through continuous training, elevates you to have a new look of life.
8. Pregnancy
Yoga is the ultimate exercise for pregnant women. It’s a nice but effective muscle-lift. Regular yoga can be done on the advice of your doctor to open up your body to changes caused by pregnancy. It also helps you reduce the stress that is usually associated with pregnancy. It has been shown that some insomnia calms the nervous system and reduces tension from the lower back and hips, two areas in the body of the woman most affected by pregnancy. There are many prenatal classes specifically designed to provide yoga instruction for pregnant women.
9. Treatment of depression
Any form of exercise enhances the production of endorphins and reduces the onset of depression. But yoga is an exercise for your body and mind which makes it more effective in treating depression and opening doors of calm and inner peace. If you feel tired and tired all the time, move on to a healthier lifestyle by incorporating yoga into your life!

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10. Ideal for seniors
As you grow older, your muscles become more rigid. Yoga provides an ideal combination of movement with less pressure, especially for joints. For women, yoga allows easy passage during the difficult phase of menopause and promotes good bone health. This will also help you to regulate diabetes and lower blood pressure, two of the common health concerns of older people around the world.
Note Some of these benefits accumulate in your body and your mind over the years of yoga practice. So even then calm and do yoga!

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