Auto Windscreens Reduce Insurance and Fuel Costs by 10%

Auto Windscreens Reduce Insurance and Fuel Costs by 10%

Windscreens Auto predicted a 10% reduction in its annual fleet and fuel bill using the integrated Telematics video solution.

The TomTom Telematics WebTleet is integrated with VisionTrack’s VT2000 visual camera solution to provide an integrated fleet management solution with a single interface across its 285-truck fleet.

“The ability to see exactly what happened in an incident helps the team respond quickly and efficiently to improve the protection of our drivers – sending recovery trucks, calling emergency services or hiring alternative vehicles, for example,” said Sean Aton, Windscreens’ fleet manager. Within minutes. ”

It will also help improve driver behavior by highlighting serious or ineffective driving, such as braking, sharp turning or speed, with video evidence accompanying each event, creating a complete picture of where positive intervention, such as driver training, is required.

Real-time cameras and driver comments will also make drivers think greener and safer, with less aggressive driving methods to reduce vehicle maintenance costs by reducing wear on components such as tires, brake pads and suspension.

The rapid and reliable identification of incident details required for insurance claims will also help to reduce claim costs and, therefore, to Auto Windscreens.

“Knowing the speed and strength of the vehicle at the specific point of impact has also given us irrefutable evidence to refute personal injury claims, which has helped to reduce the loss between us and our insurance company,” Atton said.

“It also gives our insurance company the information they need to be able to offer a quick settlement without having to undergo lengthy and costly court proceedings.”

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