Best Free Iphone Applications January 1 Ipad Ios

Best Free Iphone Applications January 1 Ipad Ios

Apple fans! If you’ve got your iPhone or iPad, the best way to start the new year is to populate your iOS device with a set of iOS paid apps that are all free. We got different apps and games to check on Tuesday, they include so many different categories so there must be something for everyone.
In the Darkness: Narakan
You wake up, lost in an unspeakable forest, abound with scary creatures bent on cracking the armor of your open knight’s board and globalization on your bloody flesh. You fight with the threatened black wood, looking for the glowing child calling out for your name. I also wonder how you know your name. You did not know it before it was called.

Narakan combines the strategic game of role-based games such as chess games and tactics with elements of exploring the world and solving the puzzles of retro adventure games to deliver a distinctive dungeon-like cell phone game. With the help of the narration that was said in the dark poetic prose, it was discovered in the fragments, the clean and simple pattern and the dark ocean mood of the game, expressing all the details, from art to music, making the game unique, compelling, immersive, intuitive and exciting experience for fans of adventures and strategy , RPG, roguelike, and types of tactics.

FakeTime – Unofficial Prank for FaceTime
Deceive your friends and browse your family to think that you are facing me with a celebrity, athletes or friends who are lost. Take a self portrait, then upload a picture of anyone else you can think of, and like magic the screenshot will be created. After creating your fake screenshot, share what you’re creating on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or Instagram and see your friends’ feedback!
My Tracks
Now record GPS tracks, monitor your performance, and share your outdoor activities with friends!
Would you like to track your outdoor activities?
Do you need to go to the road points?
Do you want to store your favorite destinations?
MyTracks is a professional app for getting GPS data on exit (like walking, jogging, driving, cycling, etc.). It is a technical solution application based on its high-precision devices. MyTracks takes data from the GPS sensor and uses it to specify all the different statistics to track, including geographic and speed calculations.

Skelta: Track my weight
Your weight fluctuates daily. In contrast to other applications Scelta compares weekly rates and shows your real progress in weight!
If you’ve used a regular metric at any time, you know this problem:
Your weight fluctuates from day to day and it is difficult to determine whether you have gained weight, lost weight or had a heavy day. Salty food, moisturizing condition, sleep, stress and hormonal fluctuations are some of the many factors that can affect your weight dramatically in the short term.
To find out what really happens, you have to compare the averages with each other. – For example. The average of the last 14 days for the previous 14-day rate. The difference, also known as delta, between these time periods is an informative indicator of what actually happens to your weight.

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Crepe Premium
Catch the bed! You can run Top Rated Kripages on the App Store with your friends or anyone in the world! With fluid movement, this game is intuitive and easy to play for both beginners and experienced players.
New to Cribbage? Crepe Premium helps you every step of the way. Use hints to develop your skills and strategy. If you are not sure how to record the hand, use the “Clarify” button to get the details of the points.
Do you think you are a professional? Challenge yourself against our world class AI expert! Compete on the lead in the leaderboards and earn all 42 achievements. Calculate your cards! Play muggins and steal points lost from your opponent! Cribbage will keep you entertained.

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