2019 Best Free Software For Students

2019 Best Free Software For Students
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2019 Best Free Software For Students

You can have good software for your desired purpose without spending a penny. Students in the universities and colleges certainly have a lot on their budget; they need to pay for their tuition fee, accommodation fee and other levies that will enable them to have smooth running of their activities. It is indeed interesting for students to lay their hands on software that are easy and free to get.

The importance of software is obvious for students as it can help to aid learning skills and improve students’ performance in college. And due to the high request of software, those companies willing to give it for free has made the software market more expanded. This has made it possible for students to spend much time with their computer device and perform some educational task with free software. The interesting part of it is that most of the software that you can get as a student for free possesses the same quality with those your parents used money to purchase. That shows you only need to take this advantage and use the money for another purpose instead of using it to get software.

Your phone might be full of apps but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to your desktop as there are free software programs that can give you nice moment on your PC. You should note that regardless of the efficiency of mobile world, the major tool you need to work with as a student is a full personal computer. In order to operate this personal computer, you need to have software and that is how it is important for you to go for those free software programs. It is obvious that software could be expensive and costly for you when you are not sensitive about it which might have resultant effect on your budget as a student.

Therefore when you are a student and willing to get free software packages for your PC, you are reading the right article as it will talk about some of the free software you can download and install on your desktop. It ranges from antivirus software to audio software to office software and many more.

Free Antivirus Software:

This type of software can be costly in most cases and that is why you need to get it for free. It helps to protect your desktop from contacting viruses that can make your PC malfunction and it is pertinent you have it on your personal computer. The unfortunate case about this is that most people don’t think of installing this software until their PC has contacted many viruses that are seriously affecting their computer system which might look to late. That is why it is more advisable for you to install antivirus software very early before using the desktop. You can get them online and some of the antivirus software packages include:

  1. Avast Free Antivirus: This software is very effective in fighting against what can affect your desktop as it will help you detect malicious adware, spyware, viruses and many more. This software also gets to your network and checks your router for security holes. It is also effective in scanning your emails against spam and phishing emails. This antivirus software is very efficient and simple to use, however it can slow down your computer when scanning is going on.
  2. AVG Free Antivirus: Another great antivirus software program is AVG antivirus although it usually displays much of advert while using it. You can use this antivirus software to protect your desktop against viruses and it usually help you to scan your emails (either incoming or outgoing) and this software uses red, yellow or green warnings to rate the security of results in your browser. However, this software package can consume much size of your memory storage as it offers costly adverts update.
  3. Avira Free Antivirus: This software is not as heavy as those discussed above but it also helps you to scan your desktop against viruses that can cause malfunctioning to your PC. It is very easy to use and it might not slow down your computer system while scanning like others. You can use this software with a modern interface and you will need to be patient with the pop-ups as it could not disgusting!

Free Office Software:

It is very clear that working with office would ease your study as a student because it provides packages that can assist in your educational task. Microsoft office is undoubtedly effective for learning skills and hence you need to get some kind of Microsoft office without spending money on it. There are programs that operate as Microsoft office and some of them are as follows:

  1. WPS Office: This is another alternative to Microsoft office as it offers the service of Writers, Presentations and Spreadsheets. It is user-friendly and very compatible with all MS Office files. It works greatly and the free version can perform the task of Microsoft packages even with a ribbon interface. Another great important of this software is that it can easily convert PDF files into Word documents which most software can’t do. This software can work also has mobile version for phone-edits.
  2. Scribes: This is another free software program that work as alternative for Adobe inDesign which can be used for desktop publishing and lots more. The software also possesses built-in color separation and management as it will enable you to get various outlooks design as you wish. It is very efficient to use and doesn’t consume much of your internal memory storage.
  3. Libre Office: This software is unarguably one of the best office suites that are free. This software possesses Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Presentation, Database, Draw and Math. You can download it for free and it is very compatible with all MS Office formats. This shows that it can help you advance your learning as a student such as; a science student can easily use its Math, Draw and Database for mathematical calculations, vector diagrams editor and storing of database respectively. This shows that it allows you to get more packages that you can use for your assignments and other educational tasks for free.
  4. Google Docs, Sheets and Slides: This software is generally advisable for students as it offer numerous educational packages that can ease learning. It is very easy to use and operate as it enables you to create your basic documents, presentations and spreadsheets online. Just like the real MS Office software, this software also provides the well know editing tools such as cell editing, text editing, fonts and others. Google Docs can let you upload your existing files in DOC, XLS, PTT or other formats. Another great importance of Google Docs is that it makes join work or group task easier to carry out as it can allow other people to have access to your documents and edit them. This means that a group of people can work on a single document whereby each individual will have their personal contributions on the document for general submission. This software is easy to use and very effective.

Free Image Editing Software:

Image editing software is indeed very essential for most people as it enable you to design different graphics which might even get you money along the line. As it is essential to use, the rise of usage made it imperative to have access to it free of charge and if you are willing to do this task with using Photoshop, there are other software that can assist. There are software that are alternative to Photoshop and it is even specified whereby there are those that can be used by beginners and there are also some software that are meant for people that have more advanced capacity to perform image editing. Alternative software to Photoshop includes:

  1. Inkscape: This software offers you tools that are typically used for vector graphics illustration and it is free to get. It will enable you to draw, design and shape SVG formatted files. This shows that you can use this software to perform image editing task with ease and very effective.
  2. Paint.net: This software is incredibly a better alternative to Photoshop as it enables you to perform different styles in designing photos. The software is free to get and very easy to use. You can use bright moustaches and other specifications. This software possesses some features that are usually only available with expensive software as it will enable you to use multiple layering for rich photo composition so that you can get your desired picture with appropriate effects. This software also has different color editing options and effects. It is fast and comprehensive.
  3. GIMP: As the name implies, GIMP simply means GNU Image Manipulation Program that enables you to edit and design your photos for free. This software is typically the most used by editors because it is very effective in image editing. It has most of the features similar to Photoshop with a lot of editing tools which allows you to manipulate your photos as you desired. GIMP also possesses a range of plug-ins that will make your image editing easier and more advanced.
  4. Pixlr: This software is most the same with GIMP and serves as alternative to Photoshop. It enables you to design and edit images and it possess advanced tools that are awesome with varieties of brushes and filters that make it easy for you to manipulate your photos. Pixlr also has lots of automatic features that do most of the works for you. This software is an online photo editor that will allow you to make quick adjustments and touches to a photo when more advanced tools aren’t available. The good thing about this software is that it automatically saved your editing and works directly with Dropbox. The only thing you need for this software is to download Flash Player and for you to use it.

Free Audio And Video Software:

You might need to have this software depending o n your coursework or just your wish to be able to edit audio tunes and make some funny videos. There is free software that can aid your quest for free. This free audio and video software won’t make you the general known editor but it will surely get you a long way. Some of these free software that can enable you to edit tunes and make videos by yourself include:

  1. Audacity: This software gives you the opportunity to record, edit, mix, slice and do many tasks on your audio files. This software allows you to create multi-recordings as it enable you to dub over existing audio file and you can also monitor the volume level during and after the recording. You can also remove those background noises from your recording with this software. With Audacity, you can also import and export WAV, FLAC and AIFF files and you can create WAV or AIFF files that are most appropriate for burning to a CD.
  2. VLC Player: This software get more awesome and a good way to watch videos regardless of the weird code. This means that VLC Player allows you to play any downloaded videos that you might unable to watch through other media player. It is very easy to use and has features such as auto-rotating Smartphone videos taken at a wrong orientation and it can also resume back your playback at anywhere you stopped. Without mincing words, this software helps you to playback anything with no ads or spyware.
  3. Lightworks: This is great software that you can get for free which can be used for video editing. People often use this software to edit their personal videos whereby film makers also use it on films. It possesses a lot of features which make it the most effective video editing software across the globe. Lightworks supports a wide range of video formats as it allows you to edit video clips with precision and export it to YouTube.




Image Credit: https://www.savethestudent.org

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