16 Install home remedies to clean stained mirrors

16 Install home remedies to clean stained mirrors
Mirrors reflect your true personality. No one likes them stained. Do the mirrors look stained, cloudy and rough even after they are cleaned? Are you struggling to find the best ways to clean mirrors in your home or office? This may be due to dusty environment, pollution, wet air, etc. Even if you find a good way to clean your mirrors, you may get intermittent mirrors, which makes you wonder how to clean mirrors without lines? But people, there are really attractive ways to clean the mirror to restore its original luster and perfect. You will see your most visible reflection by following these wonderful cleaning tips.
How to clean mirrors?
1. White vinegar
Take one cup of vinegar and add four cups of lukewarm water to it. Pour this solution into a spray bottle. Now spritz on the stained mirror. Use a lint-free cloth or newspaper to clean the mirrors. It will give amazing brilliance and clarity to the mirror.
2. Borax
Borax is a remover for excellent stains. Make the solution using 3 cups filled with water and 2 large spoons of borax. Use a clean sponge dipped in this solution to wipe the mirror and remove the lines and stains from it.
3. Coffee filter
. This is an unusual way to clean mirrors. As a wafer-free product, it clears all scratches and streak marks from the mirror. Use a coffee filter to give a great touch to the mirrors.
4. Shaving cream
Cleaning the mirror with shaving cream will not only clean it in general, but also leave it free. Also, it works as a fog remover that helps to repel steam. Spread the shaving cream on the stained mirror using a paper towel. Now moisten a paper towel and wipe it.
5. Nail polish remover
To remove that stubborn spot or paint from the mirror, wipe it with a piece of wool and cotton dipped in the nail polish remover. Rub well, making sure to maintain possible pressure for the mirror.
6. Razor blade with one edge
Some window cleaners do not remove adhesive glue, spray paint or paint stains. Single-edged blade code can get rid of debris. Complete the task by washing it with a cleaner afterwards.
7. Dish dish wash and rub alcohol
Make a combination of a tablespoon of dishwashing soap or detergent and 1 cup of alcohol rub with isopropyl (70% solution) in a bowl with one glass of water. Fill the resulting mixture with a spray bottle, use the solution on the mirrors, and wipe it with a lint-free cloth.
8. Air Freshener
Spray your favorite air freshener on the mirror and wipe it with a paper towel. It will not only remove those stubborn stains, but it will also add a wonderful fragrance to the mirror.
9. Tea
To get this beautiful gloss, try a strong cup of tea. Drink some tea in a pot and let it cool. Use a soft, wet cloth in the fermented tea to wipe the surface of the mirror. Mirror the mirror with a dry, soft cloth and get shiny shine.
10. Corn starch
For a good finish of mirrors that are cleaned, make a solution of a tablespoon of cornstarch and about a quarter cup of water. Use a clean cloth dipped in this solution to clear the mirrors.
11. Newspapers and Q-tips
You can access these hard corners and mirror edges using Q-tip. Simply dip the Q tip into any cleaning solution and rub it in areas that are inaccessible. Add a finishing touch by drying with a crumpled paper.
12. Soda Club
Try this odorless, safe, easily available and inexpensive product. Pour some club soda into your spray bottle. Spray it on the mirror. Finish wiping it dry with a soft cloth.
13. Bread soda
Take some baking soda, dust it on a damp cloth or sponge. Rub everything on the mirror. Now use a new clean cloth and wipe the mirror with water. You will add gloss on your mirror and leave it clear.
14. Dry blow
Sometimes you may want to get rid of vinegar and other products. In this case, simply run the hair dryer all over the mirror. It quickly removes mist and water accumulated on the mirror. Use a soft cloth to rub the latter.
15. Ink
Use any non-expired or unused face inks to give a sparkling touch to the mirrors. Fill the spray bottle with a certain amount of ink and spread the skin onto the glass. Wipe it with a newspaper or soft cloth.
16. Lemon
Take a few tablespoons of lemon juice and add some water to it. Pour this mixture into your spray bottle. It will clean your mirror well and will get rid of any very bad smell.
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• Prepare yourself to retain the glitter of the mirror. Keep it away from harsh products.
• Clean the mirrors regularly as long accumulations of dust and stains make cleaning difficult.
• Avoid commercial abrasives cleaners.
• Do not let the liquid hang on the edges because it can turn it into black color and rust.

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